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Man ordered to sell 12 Rolexes in sentencing

The Baltimore Sun

He sat there, at the defense table, a broken man. Despite an education capped with an MBA, a wife and young child and a close extended family, Patrick McDevitt, now dressed in a prison jumpsuit, admitted he could not stop using other people's money.

A federal judge ended that spending spree yesterday with a 2 1/2 -year prison sentence for the Timonium man. McDevitt, who tearfully apologized to his friends and family in U.S. District Court in Baltimore yesterday, filed $399,537 in false claims to his employer for reimbursement of fake business expenses, court records show.

"It's not an indication of who I am as a person," McDevitt told the judge at his sentencing yesterday.

By pleading guilty, the 38-year-old McDevitt could have received a lighter sentence under federal guidelines. But U.S. District Judge J. Frederick Motz refused to give McDevitt credit for accepting responsibility after learning McDevitt, a former corporate manager, had been charged in Baltimore County and Hanover, Pa., with committing additional fraud after he signed a plea deal in the federal case.

Motz also ordered McDevitt to sell the dozen Rolex watches he bought with his ill-gotten gains and undergo psychiatric counseling in prison for his bipolar condition and compulsive spending problems.

According to the plea agreement, McDevitt worked as a communications manager in Cockeysville for SAFT America Inc., the company where he filed fake expense reports, documents show. But McDevitt's sentence was increased as a result of additional fraud and bad-check charges that came to the government's attention after the victims saw a related news article originally published in The Sun.

According to court documents in those pending cases, McDevitt recently attempted to defraud a Texas man by agreeing to sell a Rolex watch over eBay. After the individual mailed McDevitt a $3,999 check for the Rolex, McDevitt mailed a watch-winder worth only $279, prosecutors said.

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