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The rise of Frankenfish

There's scarcely a ripple on the tiny pond tucked behind the strip mall on Route 3 in Crofton. People do their banking, mail their letters and buy their coffee just steps from where, five years ago today, the saga of Maryland's nastiest fish - the northern snakehead - surfaced on the end of a fishing line. pg 1B

Going after the hoons

Australia is cracking down on hoons. No, not hons. They come from Baltimore, and they're very sweet. We're talking about hoons. They come from Australia, and they're a menace on the roads. Hoon is a term in Australia and New Zealand for aggressive drivers. You can think of them as highway goons or a cross between hooligans and loons. pg 1B


Air pollutant may cause cancer

More than 200 chemicals, many found in urban air and everyday consumer products, caused breast cancer in animal tests, according to a compilation of scientific reports published today. pg 1A

Cerberus poised to buy Chrysler

DaimlerChrysler appears ready to sell a controlling interest in the struggling Chrysler Group to Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm, people with direct knowledge of the discussions said yesterday. The deal could be announced as soon as today, these people said. pg 3A


Search for 3 soldiers continues

About 4,000 American ground troops, supported by surveillance aircraft, attack helicopters and spy satellites, swept towns and farmland south of Baghdad yesterday, searching for three American soldiers who disappeared Saturday after their patrol was ambushed, military officials said. The Islamic State of Iraq said it had captured the three missing Americans and claimed responsibility for the attack. pg 7A

Musharraf facing pressure

A day after political clashes claimed 39 lives in Karachi, analysts said the violence - and accusations that the government had done little to stop the killings - had put renewed pressure on Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf. pg 7A


Red Sox trump Orioles, 6-5

The Boston Red Sox rallied for six runs in the ninth inning to beat the Orioles, 6-5, at Fenway Park. Jason Varitek and Eric Hinske scored when closer Chris Ray dropped a toss at first base on what could have been a game-ending groundout. Jeremy Guthrie had carried a three-hit shutout into the ninth. pg 1D


Digging up Ace's roots

There are 75 million dog stories in America. This is one of them. It's not about a hero dog, or a movie dog, or a dog show-winning dog, or a rescue dog, or a therapy dog just a plain old dog of unknown parentage that happens to be mine. At the time, pretty much everything about Ace (that's the name the shelter gave him) was a mystery, from the breeds that are in him to the home that he came from. pg 1C

Not so pumped about gas boycott

Kevin Cowherd explains why what a one-day gas boycott really tells Big Oil is: Hey, we're not real bright. Think about it: If you don't buy gas tomorrow, but run out today and fill your car's gas tank, how does that hurt the oil companies? pg 1C

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