Lakisha Jones

The Baltimore Sun

Fatal Song Choices:

"Stayin' Alive" and "Run to Me"

What Went Wrong:

Alas, our quasi-hometown Idol has fallen. The former Millersville bank teller peaked early and had struggled for weeks to revisit the halcyon days of the semifinals. On Tuesday, she turned one of the best soundtracks for sauntering ("Stayin' Alive") into a dull death march. Poor Paula Abdul was crouched like a cheetah, poised to boogie down, but the fun never arrived. Jones' second outing was an improvement but on the last note, her voice -- run ragged by weeks of oversinging -- betrayed her.

Shining Moment:

Jones dropped an atomic bomb on the competition with a fierce rendition of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" in the semifinals.

In Danger:

The novelty that is the beatboxing Blake Lewis has worn off.

Tim Swift

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