Winning affection and losing a trifecta

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Add this to the list of Manny being Manny.

A clip circulating on the Web shows Manny Ramirez sitting on the bench during the Boston Red Sox's weekend series in Minnesota. The Boston slugger obviously has great affection for teammate Julian Tavarez. Ramirez is seen petting Tavarez on the head as if he were a cocker spaniel.

Say what you will, but, in this case, you can't accuse Ramirez of dogging it.

Far from trifection

A bettor at a New York off-track betting site decided he wanted to cover all of the possibilities for the trifecta (the first three finishers) in Saturday's Kentucky Derby. So the guy laid out $13,680, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported.

He was probably hoping for a payoff like 2005's, when the trifecta on a $2 ticket was worth $133,134.80. No such luck this time, though. His winning ticket was worth only $440.

Cowboy and Carrie

Mr. Flip has been regrettably light on celebrity couple news lately, so let him make it up to you: Word is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and singer Carrie Underwood are indeed an item.

A recent report from People said the two "looked very cozy" during Romo's party for his 27th birthday at a Dallas bar. Their "arms were around each other all night" in the DJ booth. In addition, the Web site passed along photos of Romo and Underwood in a limousine with various other folks.

However, a spokesman for Underwood told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that these two kids are "definitely not boyfriend/girlfriend. It's very casual at this point."

So, no jacket required.

Compiled from wire and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who has a more formal relationship with Mrs. Flip - he has to go through her secretary to contact her.

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