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Rockfish season extended

Anglers will get an extra week of catch-and-release striped bass fishing on the Susquehanna Flats. The season, which was supposed to end Thursday, has been extended until midnight May 10. pg 9E


Towson to build new dorms

In the Towson area, where community leaders sometimes complain about unruly college students living in their neighborhoods, the university has come up with a place on campus to house an influx of undergraduates. pg 1B

Tragedy strikes social club

The Arbutus Social Club in southwestern Baltimore County has hosted bull roasts, baby showers and weddings. But the head of the club says there's never been an event like the birthday party that carried into yesterday morning, which ended with two dead and three injured. pg 1B


5 get life in terror plots

A former cricket team captain and a mathematics student at a suburban university were convicted along with three other men and sentenced to life in prison for plotting a wave of attacks against fellow Britons that would "put terror in their hearts." pg 8A

Investigation criticizes Olmert

An Israeli government investigation into Israel's war against Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon harshly criticizes Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for many of the campaign's failures, raising doubts about his ability to stay in power. pg 1A


Drilling off Va. coast explored

With rising gas prices and concern about U.S. dependence on foreign oil, the Bush administration moved to open an area off the Virginia coast to oil and gas drilling, a step that environmentalists warned could lead to the weakening of the long-standing ban on new energy exploration off much of the U.S. coast. pg 3A


Devoted to voting for their Idol

Debbie Davidson of Glen Burnie voted so many times for American Idol contestant Lakisha Jones last week that she jokes that she's in danger of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Halfway across the country, in Flint, Mich., where Jones grew up, Dollie Twigg voted nonstop for four straight hours - on two phone lines. pg 1C

Quiet words of forgiveness

There were 33 shrines on the campus of Virginia Tech, lovingly built of flowers, letters, candles, photos and gifts. At Cho's memorial, smaller than the others, there was a plastic bottle filled with flowers, cards and an American flag, according to New York Times reporter Christine Houser. One of the notes read, simply, "I forgive you." pg 1C








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