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Good news: Umpires just ruled that right fielder Ron Swoboda trapped Brook Robinson's fly ball in the 1969 World Series. The Orioles actually won Game 4.

Other decisions I'd like to see reversed:

"Hey, I think we can get Glenn Davis if we convince Houston to take Curt Schilling off our hands!"

"Forget Davey Johnson. If we don't hire Phil Regan today, some body else is going to get him!"

"Forget Davey Johnson. Tell him to take his Manager of the Year award and don't let the door hit him on the way out!"

"You mean we can get Sidney Ponson back for only $22.5 mil lion? It's like stealing!"

"Nobody is offering David Segui more than two years? Make it four!"

"I honestly think we can get 162 games out of Marty Cordova! No, not over the length of his contract!"

"Forget your fastball, Armando. Marquis Grissom can't hit your slider!"

"Forget your fastball, Armando. Tony Fernandez can't hit your slider!"

"When my daughter grows up, I hope she marries a man just like Albert Belle!"

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