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The guy has stayed in baseball because he can handle a fastball, but he'll say or do anything for a cheap laugh. That makes Orioles designated hitter Kevin Millar the overwhelming choice in last week's Poll Position, as the guy readers would most like to take out for a beer. The results:

Millar, 45.4 percent (701 votes)

Executive VP Mike Flanagan, 18.5 (286)

Nick Markakis, 11.1 (171)

Pitching coach Leo Mazzone, 10.7 (166)

Brian Roberts, 8.9 (137)

Miguel Tejada, 5.4 (84)



With the Oakland Athletics and Boston Red Sox in town, it was an interesting hair week at Camden Yards, raising the question: Which walking hair factory would you most like to see shaved bald?

A's Nick Swisher

A's Travis Buck

Red Sox's Manny Ramirez

O's Kevin Millar

O's Jay Gibbons

Draft guru/Baltimore native Mel Kiper Jr.

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Hack of

the week

If you were commissioner, what rule would you implement to make baseball better, and why?

"I would try to speed up the game by rewriting and reinstating a form of the quick pitch rule. By allowing pitchers to work faster, we'd eliminate batters from constantly stepping out of the box to adjust their batting gloves, jockey straps and eye shadow."

[Tom Morton, Columbia, MD]

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This week's question: Who is baseball's most overrated player and why?

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