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Senior goalkeeper Sarah deFerrari has a 44-3 career record as the three-year starter for the Knights, who are the defending Class 2A-1A state girls lacrosse champions. Century ended an unbeaten season (19-0) last spring with a 16-6 victory over Pikesville in the title game. It was the second consecutive trip to the state finals for deFerrari, whose team had fallen to Glenelg, 11-10, in the championship game in 2005, finishing with a 15-1 mark. DeFerrari has helped Century get off to an 8-2 start this season with a .430 save percentage. The Knights' co-captain has a 4.0 grade point average. Her coach, Rose Pentz, says deFerrari is a "coachable player with a lot of personality."

Does your personality help you in the goal?

I like to think that it does. I'm very loud and outspoken on the field. It helps me remain positive and make sure everybody is doing well in what they're doing. I've always been very outspoken when it comes to lacrosse.

Do you find shots at your feet harder than high shots?

Usually they are harder because they're unexpected, but Coach Bill [Sipes, Century assistant coach] tells us there is a certain way the shooter's shoulders move that you can tell whether they're shooting high or low.

What makes you so coachable?

I will have to go back to my personality because I'm willing to take what he has to say and work with it and make it my own. But I also am willing to use my old style at the same time.

What has it been like walking around school as a state champion?

It's very cool. It's always good that if people ask you if you have a game tonight, you say you do, and they just know that you're going to do well. [Winning] is kind of expected, and it puts pressure on you. Also, young girls from the Freedom Recreation League like to watch us warm up before games and talk to us. It's cool that they look up to us.

How many games have you played over in your mind?

Most definitely the Glenelg game [for the 2005 state championship]. There were a couple of shots I knew I could have had. I was young and it was more mental then than it is now. That was before I had Coach Bill. I wasn't confident like I am now. Coach Bill definitely made a difference in how I play goalie. You not only have to put your stick in front of the ball but your body, too. He's really good at making you not afraid of the ball.

What's the most intimidating part of playing in the goal?

I'm at the point now where I don't let things bother me, but probably I'm always worried in the back of my mind about what my defense is going to do, although they've played well. That kind of distracts you a bit.

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