Q&A; -- Brad Motley, Fallston, lacrosse

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Fallston junior goalkeeper Brad Motley has become a more complete player this season, adding better conditioning and decision-making to an already outstanding ability to make saves (.664 save percentage). He has developed into an asset to the team's transition scoring opportunities, his coach Matt Parks said. Motley's play has been one of the keys to the Cougars' 11-0 start this season and No. 13 ranking. Motley recognizes situations defensively and helps talk the defense into the right execution for the situation, Parks said. Motley held rival C. Milton Wright to just two goals Wednesday night, as Fallston rolled to a 12-2 victory.

What did you do last summer to improve your fitness?

I played a lot of club ball over the summer. I played on a club team called the Harford Renegades and we played in a lot of "A" tournaments, like the St. Paul's tournament. We did a lot of recruiting camps. I also played in two indoor leagues.

What has been the process to enhance your decision-making?

Mostly just experience, playing games. Just scanning the field. The more I played, the better it came. I developed where to look at times.

How did you improve your communication skills with your defense?

I talked to my defense about what each call I make means. Just to make sure they understood me. I tried to broadcast my voice, to make it deep and loud so they understand me. They know me just as well as I know them. I try and record what kind of stuff they are going to do in certain situations, so I can be prepared for that.

Your coach, Matt Parks, said you are the best goalie in the county. How do you rate yourself?

The best in the state. I'm trying to prove it this year.

Is there anything about your game you think you need to improve?

There's a couple of things -- just like when I'm outside the goal, like at midfield, I get jumpy. I get a little nervous. I need to improve on that. I need to be able to run farther. I need quicker feet in game situations. I have heavy feet. I have to overcome it.

What's the best part of your save game?

I do get a lot of the inside shots, but pretty much all of the outside shots I eat up -- which is a good thing. I see the ball well out on top. I do need to improve on seeing the ball better when they are up close in the middle of the field.

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