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Middle-school fashions in many suburban areas tend toward the predictable and parent-approved. On a given school day, there are any number of hoodies and sneakers - on both the boys and the girls.

But a few take the look up a few notches. Maybe in a burst of color or by wearing a grown-up accessory. Maybe the sneakers are more designer than trendy, or they accompany a set of cheerful shorts, instead of jeans. At a recent visit to Lime Kiln Middle School in Scaggsville, it was nice to see many examples of emerging fashion sense.

Mariah Morgan

Age: 13

Residence: Highland

School: Eighth-grader at Howard County's Lime Kiln Middle School

Self-described style: "I like to wear a lot of new stuff and different stuff. I like being different."

The look: Black thermal hoodie. White tank top with skull detail. Baby Phat jeans. Coach sneakers. Black pearls and matching drop circle earrings.

Where it came from: Hooded sweat shirt from Old Navy. Tank top from H&M.; Jeans from Kohl's. Sneakers purchased at Lord & Taylor. Jewelry from For Love 21.

Pearls equal middle-school class: "Everyone gets the big ones. They get a lot of different colors, like hot pink. I see a lot of ones with the ribbons tied around the neck, and some have polka dots. [Pearls are] stylish and everyone's wearing them. It's really hot."

Independent dresser: "I got these shoes for Easter. And I got this shirt for Easter. But I picked out everything myself. My mom, I don't like what she picks out sometimes. Like she'll want me to wear these cute jeans, but they're high-

waters. And I only wear high-waters with boots."

Bare toes are in: "A lot of people in our school wear flip-flops. That's the biggest thing. But I like being different. I like bright colors to make me stand out."


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