1. Raiders

What they need -- A quarterback for the worst offense in the NFL, along with a tackle who can block for him.


What they might do -- It's unlikely anyone will bowl them over with a trade offer, so the Raiders have to decide which quarterback they like better - LSU's JaMarcus Russell or Notre Dame's Brady Quinn.

Sun's pick -- QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU


2. Lions

What they need -- Lots of defense and a quarterback for the future.

What they might do -- Trade down for extra picks and a defensive impact player. They also might draft WR Calvin Johnson and deal him to the team that takes the defensive player of their choice.

Sun's pick -- DE Gaines Adams, Clemson

3. Browns

What they need -- An offensive tackle, a pass-rushing end and a quarterback.

What they might do -- There's a slight chance they'll trade up for Russell. More likely, they'll stay put and take the best offensive tackle in the draft.

Sun's pick -- OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin


4. Buccaneers

What they need -- Offensive and defensive tackles and a safety.

What they might do -- If they don't trade up for Johnson, he still might fall to them. Jon Gruden can't resist adding a playmaker for his anemic offense.

Sun's pick -- WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

5. Cardinals

What they need -- They lost both offensive tackles in the offseason, so that's a major need.


What they might do -- Reaching for the second-best tackle in the draft here is a mistake. They'll go with a playmaker who can make a difference.

Sun's pick -- RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma

6. Redskins

What they need -- A pass-rushing end and a run-stuffing tackle.

What they might do -- Unless they are in love with a specific player, they should trade out. They have no picks in the second, third and fourth rounds.

Sun's pick -- S LaRon Landry, LSU


7. Vikings

What they need -- Receivers and secondary help.

What they might do -- They could take Quinn here. But their secondary is so bad - it allowed 238.6 passing yards a game last season - they have to go for coverage help.

Sun's pick -- CB Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh

8. Falcons

What they need -- A defensive end is a high priority after losing Patrick Kerney in free agency.


What they might do -- They could package a bunch of picks to get Johnson. They could use Landry to help defend Johnson twice a year. Or they go for a pass rusher.

Sun's pick -- DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas

9. Dolphins

What they need -- A left tackle to stabilize their sieve-like line, a wide receiver and a quarterback to groom.

What they might do -- If, in fact, a franchise quarterback falls to them at this spot, they won't think twice.

Sun's pick -- QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame


10. Texans

What they need -- Help across the board, especially on the offensive line.

What they might do -- Because they have only six picks in the draft, they should trade down. They're not hot on OT Levi Brown, so they may go for defense.

Sun's pick -- FS Reggie Nelson, Florida

11. 49ers

What they need -- Wide receivers and a nose tackle for the 3-4.


What they might do -- They should go defense here, choosing between DT Alan Branch and DE Adam Carriker.

Sun's pick -- DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska

12. Bills

What they need -- A starting running back and a middle linebacker.

What they might do -- Shore up the defense first and get the running back later.

Sun's pick -- MLB Patrick Willis, Mississippi


13. Rams

What they need -- The defense was vulnerable last year, especially up front.

What they might do -- They may trade for Carolina DT Kris Jenkins (Maryland) or draft a nose tackle.

Sun's pick -- DT Alan Branch, Michigan

14. Panthers

What they need -- The defense needs to be overhauled, and they must find a receiver.


What they might do -- They may be tempted to go for Miami TE Greg Olsen or Ohio State WR Ted Ginn Jr., but there are better options on defense.

Sun's pick -- DE Jarvis Moss, Florida

15. Steelers

What they need -- After sending Joey Porter on his way, they need a playmaking outside linebacker.

What they might do -- They could opt for DE Anthony Spencer and project him at OLB.

Sun's pick -- OLB Lawrence Timmons, Florida State


16. Packers

What they need -- Ahman Green has moved to Houston, so they need a running back.

What they might do -- They can get a decent runner with the 47th or 78th picks. A solid defensive prospect might drop to them here, too.

Sun's pick -- DE Amobi Okoye, Louisville

17. Jaguars

What they need -- An outside linebacker and secondary help are a must.


What they might do -- They could go for speed at WR in Ginn, or an offensive tackle.

Sun's pick -- OT Levi Brown, Penn State

18. Bengals

What they need -- Defense, defense, defense. Everywhere.

What they might do -- They can take one of two first-round cornerbacks left, or Spencer as a pass rusher.

Sun's pick -- CB Leon Hall, Michigan


19. Titans

What they need -- Reinforcements for the worst defense in the league and some receivers.

What they might do -- They could grab CB Aaron Ross, but Ginn's speed will be too tantalizing.

Sun's pick -- WR Ted Ginn Jr., Ohio State

20. Giants

What they need -- Linebackers, cornerbacks and a tackle.


What they might do -- After cutting LBs LaVar Arrington and Carlos Emmons, they need to pick the next linebacker on their board.

Sun's pick -- OLB Paul Posluszny, Penn State

21. Broncos

What they need -- Defensive linemen, linebackers and a safety.

What they might do -- They may try to trade up for one of the pass rushers. Failing that, they will jump on the next-best pass rusher they can find.

Sun's pick -- DE Anthony Spencer, Purdue


22. Cowboys

What they need -- Even though they added Ken Hamlin in free agency, they need a safety, along with a cornerback and a wide receiver.

What they might do -- Jerry Jones had that trade-up look in his eye this month. He'd like to nab a playmaker on offense, but may see one drop to him.

Sun's pick -- WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU

23. Chiefs

What they need -- A cornerback to bail out aging Ty Law and Patrick Surtain.


What they might do -- They could grab a receiver like Robert Meachem, but defensive help is a priority.

Sun's pick -- CB Aaron Ross, Texas

24. Patriots

What they need -- It's time to straighten out that patchwork secondary.

What they might do -- With two picks in the first round, they could trade up to get a blue-chip defender.

Sun's pick -- OLB Jon Beason, Miami


25. Jets

What they need -- They want a cornerback here; there are still some left.

What they might do -- With two second-round picks, they are another candidate to trade up.

Sun's pick -- CB Marcus McCauley, Fresno State

26. Eagles

What they need -- They are too short at cornerback and too old at safety.


What they might do -- They will be tempted to pick Miami FS Brandon Meriweather, but character questions will make it hard.

Sun's pick -- CB Chris Houston, Arkansas

27. Saints

What they need -- They want to replace CB Fred Thomas and they'd like to get a receiver, but as usual they'll take the best available player.

What they might do -- There is still some speed on the board at receiver.

Sun's pick -- WR Robert Meachem, Tennessee


28. Patriots

What they need -- More defense.

What they might do -- A safety looks like a good option here.

Sun's pick -- S Michael Griffin, Texas

29. Ravens

What they need -- A cornerback, outside linebacker or offensive lineman.


What they might do -- They could go for the third-best tackle, or the best interior lineman.

Sun's pick -- C Ryan Kalil, USC

30. Chargers

What they need -- Their receiving corps has been depleted.

What they might do -- Receivers are there for the taking.

Sun's pick -- WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC


31. Bears

What they need -- Offensive line help and a receiver.

What they might do -- Trading down is one option.

Sun's pick -- G Ben Grubbs, Auburn

32. Colts

What they need -- Defensive line and cornerback.


What they might do -- Because they lost both cornerbacks, they will look hard at the secondary.

Sun's pick -- DT Justin Harrell, Tennessee