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Many people use newspaper or TV reviews to pick a movie to see. However, the age of multimedia offers trailers, behind-the-scenes extras and online reviews. What helps you decide whether to see a movie or to wait for it on DVD? Why?


I decide by reading the newspaper reviews and also watching Ebert & Roeper. Most of the action films I see will be on the big screen. We used to go to movies much more frequently, but the increased cost and decreased quality makes us much choosier. We go to see almost everything at the Senator Theatre. Juliana Hastings, Perry Hall

My interest in a movie is ignited by what I read about that movie in the print media and, rarely, by a movie house trailer. As a late deafened adult, I'm pretty well restricted in my movie watching to foreign movies that are captioned and to DVDs that are 100 percent captioned for the deaf. Very few mainstream cinemas show open or closed captioned movies for the deaf and one has to keep a close eye on cinema advertising to pick these out - these are usually "family" movies and played at off-peak times. The deaf, in general, are restricted to waiting for a DVD.

Donald T. Hart, Baltimore

I don't see a lot of movies because I frown upon the excesses of sex, violence and silliness in many of today's productions. Thus, I seldom rent a DVD.

I rely mainly on The Sun's movie critics who've been good at vividly recounting the plots, characters and any of the above excesses which I abhor. No, I don't need the online reviews or trailers.

Michael Sragow (who might consider cutting back somewhat on his 50-cent words) and Chris Kaltenbach offer enough in their reviews to allow me and my wife to make a sensible decision when choosing films that fit our tastes.

David Boyd, White Hall


Next week, Dirty Dancing opens in select movie theaters to mark the 20th anniversary of the film starring Patrick Swayze. In your opinion, what makes Dirty Dancing a film worth seeing again?

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