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82 -- The number of murders or unjustified homicides in Baltimore so far, as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday. By April 26, 2006, the city had recorded 86 murders.


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generally speaking, the red cross is a non profit organization. We work under a ....our basic charter eminates from congress. Red cross charted to resond to disasters in 1907....goes back tko clara barton. That's kind of where the beginina comes from. ....out of htat has become that the red cross responds now to individaul disasters. Primarily that is single familh and mutli unit fires......

pretty much from eyar to year it stays pretty true......

fire season...official fire season is dec, jan, feb. it's called that b/c 5 out of 7 fires take place in those thre emonths. 60 percent of all fatal fires take place in those three months. Those are national fire prevention agency....NFPA.....they'r enot a govt agency, I think they're a for profit company. They're the principal resource or researcher. Do all the analysis of firs in the united states......

that's our main thing. The way we respond to those fires. Our organzation is primiarly volunteers. We have 14 paid staff. Here. That's mostly administration and support to keep everything in place so that the system works. Additionally we have six people from an americopr program called......volunteers spared across balt and surrounded...about 300 volunteers. 315.

our vlunteers are broken down into three groups. Disaster health services, which are nurses. Disaster mental health which are primarily crsis counselors...licensed mental health workers. Have to be licensed nurse. And then we have the rest are in disaster action teams. There's a team for each county and one for balt city/ county. Those teams are made up of the people that respond to the fires, meet with the victims, take care of their immediate food clothing and shelter needs. Our ....we do that by dispersing oders. A voucher that are then accepted by merchants who we have agreements with. And the clients can use those to purchase clothing, shelter (hotel) and food. That's pretty much a.....if they need disaster nursing or mental health to augment what they have on the scnee, thye'll call thema nd birng htem in as well. The disaster nurses.....involved in asisting with replacement of medications that have been lost. Help verify and coordinate.

abt 50 nurses and 60 mental health. 220 or so......

you don't necessarily gotta go when the disaster strikes. You've got people who are willing to drop what htye're doing and run out. Each team operates pretty much the balitmore county/balt city where most of our work is by the way, most of the team members are equipped with an alpha pager and many with a nextel telephone. Each week we put out a dispatch roster that goes out to all fire departments and our answering serivce and a number of other places. After hours the calls go to a dispatcher who will then dispatch a team. In balt city they send out a page. And put a team together. Come to office. Pick up a vehicle stocked with supplies....go to fire scenea nd meet with clients and do case work. They do the initial case work, take care of immediate needs. Case brot back her eand assigned to case worker. 4 of full time employees are licensed social workers who do followup to help them get their life back to the pre-disaster situation.....James Winfield is the case work manager. He authorized 3, w'ere short one right now. We augment that with voluenteers who've been around a while....just sent.....Mr. Winfield. That goes every day. So they're out....they went out to do that. The case workers sit down and talk to pepel thru revocery and make referrals. We do have the ability to do some additional assistance besides immediate food and shelter. Get invlved with replacing critical furniture items.....we can provide services or referrrals to other agencies . that's pretty much al done by social workers here in city and volunteers out in the counties.

balt city....# of cases last year 494..county 123. Carrol county 27. Caroline county 16. Harford cty .....the majority of the case work is in baltimore city/balt county. And to a lesser extent anne arundle. Most of the anne arundle cases and hartford caes are very close to balt. Hartford cases mostly up in aberdeen.

howard conty virtually has no activity. They do come in. during palzinsky hostage situation we had each county took a shift. We trie dot involve as many people as posible. Person who ran operation was anne arundle county volunteer......

red cross kind of has a rep for primarily retired folks. Are able to devote the time. If you go out on a national job almost all retirees......

it's nothing I know of off the top of my hert. Leslie freize, one of our fullitme people had a fire years ago and the red cross responded.....

when I say we have 300 volounteers. When you boil it down probably around 100 that are hard core if you will that are really availblabe a lot and are really willing to turn the stove off while cooking dinner nad go. That group , they're reponsdein gonce or twic ea month and someitmes couple times a day. At christmas time, terry chessler ....she was out all day the day before christmas going to multiple incidnets. Some go ot more than one a day. They'l be peak times hwne they're really busy. It all depends on the volunteer and what their status is. Othe rpeople go when they can, every onw and then. We need people who can g. most of what they respond to is the after hours stuff. Peole re busy during the day. We do have the national rapid response team to respond to daytime fires. Six of them. here on a grant. A fedearl grant that we have to aply to. A block grant that's given to red cross......primariy purpose is ot rsond to fires an dalso work on ways to prevent disasters, rpimarily fires. That's our main threat altho we can have just abt everything. We've had hurricaines and tornados.

meeting.....generally , it's run by the volunteer leadership. They put out information and get people's opinions on things. Issue equipment and update peple's informaitona bout vendors. We're also ..i know one of the main things thye're doing. A lot of our pagers have the MD fire network on them.t hat netowkr puts out continuously blips on fires. Our pagers.....we get a heads up on working fires. For some additional channels that we don't have now. We provide dinner. The meetings last about an hour, hour and a half. A little bit oif social stuf fin there. Talk and tell war stoesi. Complain about this and that.

make sure that I get paged thru the disaptchers. Terry Chessler was talking about how she would like to make this happen. She's thinking what she's going t do. She'll want to cal you directly. I'm going. Go with her....very experienced. She realy can give yo ua good feel and a lot of informaiton. She knows how to run an operation....if it's a big one and she's the person who's there will be lead volunteer and job director. If it's a multi unit fire.

we havea standard to make contact with victims two hours after we get notified. National standard. A lot of times we'll do that over the telephone. Our disapthcers wil talk to them and say I'm going to my sisters house......get htem linked up to come in the office or we send out a home visit team.

we can try ot make that happne. That could be a week where viruatlly nothing happens. Three weeks agok we nmight have had 25. We get some realy big swings. Genearly speaing, it's proportiante to cold, how long its been cold. That seems to be the generator of fires....ceraitnly we can equp you with pager. Let you know what we're doing and we'l have a meting and get everyone in the loop and we'll try to make you, give you the oprounity to particpate in as much sutff as you want to.************************************* **************************************** ***********************************************8

how long been doing it

what is the hardest part?

relationship with people who you've met

Cases of people who illustrate what you go through

alan and maylarn...410-661-2448

james cochran......

I found another phone number for William Sander at the 1208 Turnbridge Rdaddress. It is 410-838-3791. I hope it helps. Let us know if you needanything else. Shelia

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