Thorne drops other shoe on bloody sock from '04

The Baltimore Sun

Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne didn't waste any time rubbing the Red Sox the wrong way last night, implying during the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network telecast that Boston pitcher Curt Schilling enhanced his famed bloody sock during the 2004 World Series.

Thorne told The Boston Globe after the game that he got that information from Red Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli two years ago, but Mirabelli was quick to deny he said anything of the kind.

Mirabelli was overheard in the clubhouse loudly telling Red Sox officials that he wouldn't know Thorne "if he walked in here," and Schilling dismissed the claim in a conversation with a Globe reporter last night.

"It gets stupider," Schilling said. "I've got the 9-inch scar I can show you."

Schilling's injured ankle was one of the main subplots during Boston's inspiring 2004 World Series title run, but there were skeptics at the time.

Former Sun columnist Laura Vecsey angered the Red Sox and Schilling when she wondered in a column Oct. 25, 2004, whether he embellished the injury for dramatic effect.

Last night, the Red Sox were wondering how the legend of the bloody sock had bubbled up again 2 1/2 years after the fact. No doubt, they hope to get an answer from Thorne when they get to the ballpark today.

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