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Today I'd like to introduce you to schmo. I nicknamed him as such in a column Sunday. His actual name is Nick Christy and he is the founder of, the recently registered Web site dedicated to critiquing the Orioles' field manager. Not only do I disagree with the sentiment, but I think the anti-coach Web site has become somewhat of an e-cliche (as is putting e- in front of anything associated to the Internet). Hip and funny a couple of years; yawn-worthy today.

First, the basics...

Name: Nick Christy

Hometown: North East

Age: 24

Occupation: Programmer

Question: Why did you start the site?

Christy: I was watching the marathon 0-0 game against the Tigers. I watched Perlozzo march in reliever after reliever, and I couldn't believe what he was doing. At this rate he is bound to run into someone who is having an off day, which he did, and we lost. He made probably 4-5 crucial mistakes ... and you could just tell that [Jim] Leyland was going to out-manage him and the Tigers would win.

Question: Don't you think April is a bit early to start for the manager's head?

Christy: Absolutely not. What's the difference between starting now and starting last September? This isn't the first time we have seen these bad strategic decisions.

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