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Brown's CA pact set for a vote

The Baltimore Sun

The Columbia Association board of directors plans to vote on a contract for association President Maggie J. Brown tomorrow night when it meets for the last time before two newly elected members take their seats.

Tom O'Connor, the council chairman, said yesterday, "There will be an announcement on the contract." Before the open board meeting, a closed session has been announced to discuss personnel matters.

O'Connor said he also expects a vote on which of several plans will be implemented to dredge Lake Kittamaqundi in Town Center and Lake Elkhorn in Owen Brown village.

Brown's contract became the source of tension and numerous closed sessions after five board members said they wanted to give Brown a one-year extension and look for new leadership, while five supported giving her a three-year extension.

A contract offer involving compromises on both sides was presented to Brown last month, and discussions continued in private.

Brown, who is paid $183,000 annually, will reach the end of her three-year contract Monday. She was hired in 2001 after a nationwide search.

Brown declined to comment yesterday.

The dredging issue has been under discussion for several years. At this point, the board has allocated about $11 million for the two projects, O'Connor said, and the board has been considering several options for each.

Issues such as where to put the dredged material before it is trucked away and how to get equipment to the sites have been the subjects of discussion by residents and remain to be settled.

O'Connor said that delays in starting the projects cause the price tag to rise, and that has led several board members to push for a timely decision.

"We've got to get it under way. ... We have to keep things on track," O'Connor said.

But some board members said they are not sure if the resident testimony and discussions planned for tomorrow evening will require further study before a decision is reached.

Spurred by presentations at the two villages affected by the dredging, "I understand there are quite a few people coming to the meeting," said Barbara Russell, a representative of Oakland Mills. "I am not sure we're going to be ready to make a decision [tomorrow]."

Even though the new council will include eight of its current 10 members -- five incumbents who won re-election Saturday and three who are continuing their terms -- members believed that the existing board should try to settle some key issues this week.

"It was my goal to get these things resolved at some level," O'Connor said.

The board advises the Columbia Association, which uses an annual budget of about $50 million to provide recreational services, manage open space and offer other amenities to Columbia's nearly 100,000 residents.

O'Connor said a presentation on the board's quality initiative will also be on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.

The Columbia Association board meeting is to begin at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Columbia Association Building, 10221 Wincopin Circle, Columbia.

Election Results

Here are the results of Saturday's elections for the Columbia Council and 10 Columbia village boards:

Dorsey's Search

Columbia Council -- Tom O'Connor* 87 votes, Lester Straw 55.

Village board -- (Two seats open on five-member board) Michael Hughes* 122 votes. A second member will be appointed by the village board.

Harper's Choice

Columbia Council -- no election.

Village board -- (Seven seats open on seven-member board) Juanita Robinson* 206, Philip Wright* 199, John David Smith 193, Evan M. Rose* 187, Evelyn Wilkins* 184, Robert "Bob" Bastian 183. A seventh member will be appointed by the village board.

Hickory Ridge

Columbia Council -- Miles Coffman* 144, Marvin Lawson 118.

Village board -- (Five seats open on five-member board) Linda Hitzelberger* 217, Tom Louden* 204, Nancy McCord* 205, Gregg Schwind* 199, David Zeitzer* 199.

Kings Contrivance

Columbia Council -- Evan Coren 202, Jason Ridgell 181.

Village board -- (Three seats open on six-member board) Barbara Seely* 322, Shari Zaret* 300, Shaun Lane 288.

Long Reach

Columbia Council -- Henry Dagenais* 337 votes (unopposed).

Village board -- (Two seats open on five-member board) Victor Bailey* 306, Nina Basu* 328.

Oakland Mills

Columbia Council -- Barbara L. Russell* 302, Ian Kennedy 193.

Village board -- (Seven seats, including one newly created one, open on seven-member board) Cathy Latham* 443, Phillip Engelke* 442, William H. Lewis 441, Karen Gray* 441, Bill Woodcock* 438, Katie Pittenger* 437, W.H. Krizmanich* 435.

Owen Brown

Columbia Council -- no election.

Village board -- The village did not reach a quroum of 351 voters. The two board members will appoint three people to complete the five-member board by its May 15 meeting.

River Hill

Columbia Council -- Michael Cornell 88 votes (unopposed).

Village board -- (Two seats open on seven-member board) Barbara Wertman* 85, Frank Saletel* 87.

Town Center

Columbia Council -- no election.

Village board -- (Three seats open on five-member board) -- Suzanne Waller* 178, Lee Richardson* 149, Stephen Meskin 146, David Wissing 106.

Wilde Lake

Columbia Council -- Philip Kirsch* 226, William Santos 158.

Village board -- (Five seats open on five-member board) -- Vincent Marando* 325, Mary Pivar* 320, Rhoda Toback* 305, Linda Odum 296, Richard Madzel 293.

* denotes incumbent

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