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Q&A; -- MaryKate Morani, Marriotts Ridge, lacrosse

The Baltimore Sun

MaryKate Morani, a junior defender, came to Marriotts Ridge last year when the school opened after spending her freshman year at Mount Hebron. After playing a junior varsity schedule last spring, the Mustangs have gone 5-2 and 4-0 in the county in their first season of varsity play. A team captain, Morani brings composure and excellent footwork to the Mustangs' defense. In the fall, Morani turns her attention to soccer, playing forward and midfield. As vice president of the Student Government Association, Morani, who has a 4.0 grade point average, has coordinated food and blood drives at Marriotts Ridge. Which is your favorite sport?

I guess soccer because I've been playing it longer and I think it's more of a team sport. In lacrosse, you can run it by yourself whereas in soccer you have to depend more on your teammates.

What has your first varsity lacrosse season been like and what are some of the biggest challenges that have come with it? It's really exciting. We have a lot of talented girls. There's not many juniors -- I think we have six -- so it has given the sophomores and freshmen a lot of opportunity. We have a lot of room to grow because we're all so young without much experience. This is my first time on a varsity team -- it's just new for us, a neat learning experience. It's fun, but it's also hard sometimes playing against a team full of seniors. So that can be tough, but we're working hard.

What are some of your responsibilities as SGA vice president?

I organize most of the community service stuff, so it's been like canned-food drives and we just had a blood drive last month. I was really excited to get the opportunity to be in charge with a lot of that because at Mount Hebron as a freshman I didn't get involved in a lot ... at such a big school. But here, being like the oldest, it gives me a chance to do a lot more.

What has it been like going to a new school?

It's a lot different. The obvious things -- like it's all new stuff and not having the older kids. But I think the attitude is a lot different, too, in that we don't have precedents, we're setting them, starting this new thing. It's really fun.

What was it like winning your first varsity game [a 14-10 win over Atholton]? It was really exciting. It was like we've been practicing for a couple weeks and just really great to see it all come together and get a win.

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