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Immunity deal considered

Monica Goodling, once Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' White House liaison, would be granted immunity from prosecution and forced to testify under a plan being considered by a House panel probing the firings of federal prosecutors. pg 3a

Relief for taxpayers

The House marked Tax Day by approving new protections against some of the modern-day dangers facing taxpayers, including identity theft, deceptive Web sites and loan sharks. pg 4a


6 indicted in school death

A Carroll County grand jury has indicted six former staff members at the Bowling Brook Preparatory School on charges of reckless endangerment in the death of an East Baltimore teenager who lost consciousness while being restrained at the school for juvenile offenders. pg 1a

Teens arrested in acid burning

Two teenage boys have been arrested in the chemical burning of a toddler last weekend at a Baltimore County playground, but the youngsters are not facing adult charges. pg 1b


Iraq Cabinet shuffle

The resignation of six allies of radical Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al-Sadr from the Iraqi Cabinet could provide an opportunity for the ruling Shiite coalition to broaden its government, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said. pg 17a








S&P; -- UP






Power grid shock

The rigging of the electricity marketplace to enrich power companies and executives looks even worse than thought. Just as Maryland was already getting shocked by higher kilowatt prices, grid managers have revealed they allowed extra profit for generation outfits. The move could cost the typical BGE household $10 a month or more, writes business columnist Jay Hancock. pg 1d

Foreclosures hit big project

A Towson apartment complex in the midst of being converted to the Rodgers Forge Condominiums is in default and is to be auctioned off next month, says the auctioneer. But the developer is working on a refinancing plant that he says will put the project back on track. pg 1d


NBA suspends referee Crawford

NBA referee Joey Crawford was suspended indefinitely by commissioner David Stern for his conduct toward the San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan, who contends the official challenged him to a fight during a game in Dallas. Crawford's suspension will last at least through the NBA Finals. pg 7E


The other female maestro

What full-size professional orchestra in Maryland, besides Baltimore, has a female music director known for her energetic style and championing of contemporary American repertoire? If you answered the Maryland Symphony Orchestra in Hagerstown, you're correct. Elizabeth Schulze has been leading that ensemble for eight years. pg 1d

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