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Internet-savvy people know that RSS stands for really simple syndication,But surfing from site to site for financial information can become tedious, especially if you want to follow information updated daily or several times a day. That's where RSS comes in. The solution can be an RSS news reader, which can aggregate headlines and summaries for all those postings in a single place.

Examples of free RSS readers are Google Reader, NewsGator, Bloglines and My Yahoo.

Desktop software versions of RSS readers include the newer versions of Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, look on a Web site for an orange button that says RSS, XML or has a dot with two arcs. Click that, and you should be given the option to subscribe. Alternatively, click on the button and copy the Web address of the RSS page and paste it into your reader.

The result will be your favorite information routed to a single place, your RSS reader.

These Web sites feature RSS feeds that can help you with really smart spending:

The Dollar Stretcher (

This Web site is a longtime staple of the online frugal community. Gary Foreman, editor of the site, has contributing writers who cover every conceivable topic on frugality. RSS feeds are available for the site's featured content and new forum. Recent posts included single-mom finances and losing frequent-flier miles.

Get Rich Slowly (

This popular blog by J.D. Roth addresses many personal-finance topics, as well as frugality and simplicity. (

This robust financial site is best known for its comparisons of borrowing and savings rates, but also offers a number of RSS feeds. They include an advice feed for saving and spending. You can also subscribe to feeds for good loan rates and savings rates.

My Money Blog (

On this blog, Jonathan Park reveals details of his own finances, including his net worth. Recent topics included paths toward simplicity, bereavement airfares, using your local public library and inexpensive Internet-based phone service.

FatWallet forums ( rssinfo.php) is a shopping portal that will give you cash back for buying items via the site. But one of its best features is its message boards, where members post alerts on sale items and freebies, for online shopping and bricks-and-mortar shopping.

Young and Broke (http:--youngandbroke.

Amanda Gleason of Chicago writes about money issues for twentysomething professionals, including anecdotes about her life with her new husband, Josh. Recent posts included money top? ics about addictions, online cou? pons and rental car insurance.Recent posts included money topics about addictions, online coupons and rental car insur? ance. Consumer Reports (

The must-have publication for smart consumers has several RSS feeds, titled consumer news, home and appliances, electronics, cars, medical guide and safety blog.

Recent posts included money topics about addictions, online coupons and rental car insurance.

Gregory Karp writes for The Morning Call in Allentown, Pa.

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