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Quarterback Drew Bled soe announced his retire ment after 14 seasons in the NFL.

Bledsoe's agent made the an nouncement ... and then sacked him for old times sake.

I still won't trash the Jaret Wright trade, considering the Ori oles didn't surrender a whole lot to get him. Chris Britton would have been this year's Sendy Rleal or Todd Williams. But there were plenty of whispers that Wright's shoulder was about to blow - sort of like an alarm clock after it's been hit with a hammer. Imagine springs flying all over the place.

Hey, here's a thought: Call up a hitter. Anyone who can make con tact. Anyone with a pulse.

And here's another thought: Don't be afraid to use him.

I'm not getting too caught up in the Jon Knott and J.R. House hype. These guys are mashing Tri ple-A pitching. A little perspective here, people. But I'd take either one as a pinch-hitting option right now. A backup catcher and pinch runner aren't helping.

Who knew that we'd miss Jay Payton this much?

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