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Soldiers ordered to stay longer

Gambling that tens of thousands of war-weary U.S. soldiers and their families will tolerate months more duty in combat, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates ordered tours of duty for those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan be extended from 12 months to 15 months. pg 1a

Kurt Vonnegut dead at 84

Kurt Vonnegut - an American novelist known for mixing satire, black comedy and science fiction in novels such as Slaughterhouse-Five, Cat's Cradle and God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater and who caught the imagination of a generation - died last night in Manhattan. He was 84. pg 10a


Islamic violence hits Algiers

Suspected Islamic militants struck the Algerian capital, killing at least 23 people and injuring more than 162, an intensification of Islamic violence in a country struggling to recover from a brutal years-long civil war. pg 15a


2 killed in road-rage crash

Two people die in a rush-hour crash in Frederick County after exchanging obscene gestures with another driver, punctuating the release of a new survey showing Maryland motorists rank road rage as the worst traffic hazard they face. pg 1a

Check-writing scheme alleged

A former treasurer of the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company is charged with stealing more than $50,000 through a check-writing scheme, making him the first member of the Pasadena firehouse to face prosecution in a wide investigation. pg 1b

Selling water bills defended

City officials defended their policy of selling delinquent water bills and other small debts to private debt collectors, saying Baltimore would possibly jeopardize its finances if it couldn't use the threat of foreclosure to force payment. pg 1b


Door slammed on Orioles

Craig Monroe's grand slam off Kurt Birkins broke open a scoreless game in the 12th inning, and the Detroit Tigers went on to beat the Orioles, 4-1, at Camden Yards. pg 1e

Ravens get 4 prime-time games

The Ravens' 2007 schedule includes four nationally televised games: three on Monday nights and a Sunday night showdown at home against the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts. pg 1e










Cost-cutting to be felt here

Citigroup's sweeping overhaul to cut costs and streamline its global banking operations likely will affect more than 500 people in Maryland as the company consolidates operations through layoffs and by shifting workers around the world. pg 1d

Superblock plans unveiled

More than two years after being chosen to transform the heart of downtown Baltimore's old retail district, developers unveiled the first detailed plans for a three-block area of the so-called superblock, showing two apartment towers as tall as 14 stories and a mix of local and national retailers. pg 1d


'Roots' brought big changes

Thirty years later, the memories barely have dimmed. Chris Haley was a teenager when he visited the set of the epic miniseries, Roots. That's when he knew that his uncle, Alex Haley, was about to accomplish something big. The 1977 miniseries permanently altered the television landscape. About 100 million people - half the nation - viewed the final night of the broadcast, an audience greater than that for most Super Bowls. Today it remains the most-watched miniseries of all time. pg 1c

Ringwald in 'Sweet Charity'

Molly Ringwald's Sweet Charity is definitely sweet. On stage she's also cute and spunky. But though the actress best known for John Hughes' teen movies, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink plays a dance hall hostess, she's not one of the slickest dancers in the touring production at the Hippodrome. pg 1c

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