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Appearances are definitely deceiving at Turner's. The bar, which sits on Cross Street near the Thirsty Dog Pub and the 8x10, looks kind of like a dive on the outside. With its gray Formstone facade and a small window, it could be a dumpy narrow corner bar. But it's actually two stories with plenty of elbow room, a friendly staff and young, laid-back patrons.

Where -- 12 E. Cross St.

Call -- 410-685-8464

Notable -- Turner's just keeps going on and on. The interior looks fairly new. There are two bars - one upstairs and one downstairs, a pool table, foosball, a jukebox and a lounge with a zebra-print rug.

Vibe -- Chiller than most bars in this part of Federal Hill, come Friday nights. But Turner's can still throw down.

Crowd -- While the nearby bars are slammed on a Friday or Saturday night, there's usually room in Turner's - one of its selling points. The crowd is mostly in its 20s and 30s.

What to wear -- Jeans are pretty much the standard. You can dress casually here, or wear a nice shirt if you're trying to impress.

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