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A scout's take

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Dmitri Young, Washington Nationals' 33-year-old first baseman

Abilities / / He's a hitter. Hitters hit what's thrown to them. Throw him a pitch that's up or outside and he'll get his bat on the same plane, make contact and have a chance to get on base. He can't play first [well]. He's a hitter and he's interesting and he's exciting. But he is not even average [defensively].

Off-field issues / / Everyone has problems on or off the field. Scouts, in general, don't care about that stuff. You have a manager and coaching staff for a reason, to deal with that. The World Series is filled with guys who couldn't get along for some reason or another, but a manager's job is to get the best out of a team.

Overall / / He's always been a good hitter, and he is doing well for the Nationals. He is the type of free agent where everyone says, "Shoot. We should have gone after him."

Note: "A scout's take" features one major league scout's opinion on a particular player each week. A revolving roundtable of scouts is used. Because of potential tampering issues, the scouts are anonymous.

Numbing number


That's how many errors the New York Yankees committed in their first two games of the year - three in each contest. The last time the Yankees started a season with three errors or more in their first two games was 1926.

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