'Wild Bill' Hagy

The Baltimore Sun

"Wild Bill" Hagy has a prediction for the 2007 Orioles season: "I think they'll win 90 games."

He's got a ticket for Monday's opener at Camden Yards -- and he returned a few weeks ago from a drive to Fort Lauderdale and spring training, where he watched a few games.

Born on Sparrows Point, where his father worked in the tin mill, he's a graduate of Sparrows Point High School. In the late 1970s and 1980s at old Memorial Stadium, he led those cheers in Section 34. "I don't know anybody [on the team] anymore," he said. "They're all so young."

At 68, he's now retired from his job as a cabdriver for Jimmy's, County and North Point cab companies. The man columnists called the most famous baseball fan in America now lives in Arbutus, where he often joins his friends at Leon's Triple L Restaurant and Lounge on East Drive. He goes to Orioles games about 15 times a year and, on occasion, will lead his trademark O-R-I-O-L-E-S cheer.

"I don't kick as high as I used to," he said.

In his retirement, he likes to watch TV (Andy Griffith and Seinfeld) and sports. "I also like to mess around on the computer," he said.

Pressed for more details on which games he'll be attending this year, he has a ready answer: "I'll be there whenever I can get a ticket for nothing."

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