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Actor Will Ferrell never tires of goofy roles. His new movie Blades of Glory, which opened last week, appears to be typical Ferrell. What makes his brand of humor so hilarious?


The key to his comedy is the same key Robin Williams used to have my daughters and I cracking up in Happy Feet. They're BIG kids!

Seriously, Ferrell needs to thank SNL [Saturday Night Live] every day for allowing him to crack me up with great skits. My favorites are the cheerleader [with Cheri Oteri], Janet Reno and the Actors Studio interviewer.

Will has the ability to do a great job in a serious role like Stranger than Fiction while using that comedic timing to crack up his audience playing Ricky Bobby [in Talladega Nights]. His comedy comes off genuine and not forced.

Sharon Wright, Baltimore

I usually don't care for goofiness in movies because it bores me to death. However, Will Ferrell is goofiness personified.

That's what he's usually all about - he acts just plain silly - prefaced by an innocence that allows him to get away with it.

I'm not much of a laugh-out-loud moviegoer, but I vividly remember three LOLs (laughing out louds) at Ferrell's performance in Elf.

David Boyd, White Hall


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