Murder suspect faces new charges

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The man arrested in the killing of a city police officer has been charged in two other crimes, including an armed carjacking in the same neighborhood four days before the officer was shot and a November shooting involving the same weapon used to kill the officer, according to court documents.

Brandon Grimes, 21, of Pen Lucy, was initially in the news after he was arrested Jan. 9 in connection with the killing of Detective Troy Lamont Chesley, a decorated city officer. Police believe the slaying that morning was the result of a botched robbery.

Police declined to comment on the new charges, citing a gag order on the case.

His mother, Charlene Grimes, said last night that she does not believe her son committed any of the crimes of which he has been accused. She said she is concerned he won't receive a fair trial because of the media attention and the way police have been treating her family. "They're treating him worse than anyone has ever been treated," she said, adding that "my heart aches for the Chesley family."

The details of the carjacking are similar to those of the police killing. In the carjacking, Grimes is accused of holding a gun to the head of Donte Robinson in the 4200 block of Bonner Road just before 7 p.m.

Robinson handed his watch, wallet, camera, video camera and the keys to his 2005 Mercury sedan to the gunman. The man drove away in the sedan, but Robinson noticed that the gunman was trailed by a green van with a "for sale" sign in the window, according to the charging documents.

Four days later, Chesley was approached by a gunman as he was going into his girlfriend's house in the 4500 block of Fairfax Road. In a gunfight, Chesley was struck twice, and he shot his assailant in the leg before he collapsed on his girlfriend's front porch.

Detectives followed a blood trail from the scene and recovered a 9 mm handgun.

Meanwhile, Grimes was driven to St. Agnes Hospital in a green van, according to charging documents for that crime. Police searched the van and found Grimes' bloodied wallet, according to the documents.

The new charging documents for the carjacking reveal that police also found a wallet, camera and video camera belonging to Robinson. And they found a "for sale" sign in the van.

Robinson told police that he recognized Grimes as the robber because his mug shot was in the news, according to the documents.

Police also learned in a separate investigation that the green van is owned by Grimes' girlfriend, but Grimes is the primary driver, according to charging documents.

Prosecutors charged Grimes on Feb. 3 with the carjacking.

Also, Grimes was charged March 31 with second-degree assault in the shooting of Charles Michael Bradley in the right arm. The 20-year-old was shot in the 1900 block of E. 31st St. on Nov. 24, according to charging documents.

Ballistics tests revealed that the cartridge cases recovered from the Bradley shooting matched the gun found near where Chesley was shot, according to charging documents.

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