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Q&A; -- Andrew Gvozden, Severna Park, Lacrosse

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Severna Park junior Andrew Gvozden has stepped in as the Falcons' starting goalie after sitting behind his brother, Michael, a four-time All-County pick and two-time county Player of the Year. In Andrew's first major test, he had 13 saves in an 11-9 victory over rival Broadneck. With a 4.0 grade point average and 1,840 on his SAT, he has committed to play lacrosse at Hofstra University.

What was it like sitting behind your brother, Michael, who now is playing at Johns Hopkins?

It was a learning experience, and I'm glad it was not anyone else, or it could have been really boring. Living with the guy ahead of you really helped me get ready and stay focused. Michael was always helping me and we are totally different players. He is not as athletic but loves the sport and is a lax rat, while I love lax but am not a lax rat.

How was your first big game as the starting goalie against Broadneck?

It was kind of tough and we came out a little tight, but I credit my defense. They played so well and overall they won the game. Porter Johnson, Kevin Zichelli, Max Klein and Brooks Chalmers did a great job and helped me out so much because we had to change defenses four times.

Were you nervous before the Broadneck game?

Of course I was nervous, had to be nervous. My first game against Broadneck, didn't know what it was going to be like. It was a lot different than practice.

Did you hear from Michael before the big game?

He was texting me all day, letting me know what to expect, and told me not to look at the crowd and focus on the game -- watch the ball, track the ball. He called me the whole day. I don't know if I did any schoolwork at all. He definitely got me all psyched up for the game.

Why have you chosen Hofstra?

Hofstra's new head coach, Seth Tierney, was an assistant at Hopkins and recruited me and my brother. I really liked him, and three weeks ago, I committed to Hofstra. I plan to major in business or psychology.

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