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Remember when the big debate in spring training was whether the Orioles would keep one or two left-handed re lievers? Well, the answer was "C." They kept three, including Brian Burres, whose appeal is his ability to go more than one inning. With Jaret Wright and Steve Trachsel racking up high pitch counts in exhibition games and Adam Loe wen still an unknown, the Orioles wanted an extra "long" reliever to pair with Jeremy Guthrie. Burres fits that role much better than Todd Williams, because he used to be a starter in the minors.

Williams would welcome a trade, but the Orioles can't find a suitable partner. They'll continue to explore their options and try to move him.

Jay Payton and Sendy Rleal were placed on the 15-day disa bled list, as expected. Payton and Freddie Bynum embraced in the clubhouse. It seemed fitting, since Bynum made the team because Payton is on the DL. He also should pay for dinner.

Also, the Orioles hired Ramon Sambo to manage their Rookie-level Gulf Coast League team. He was previously a coach in the Pittsburgh Pirates' system. Orlan do Gomez, who had been slated to manage the Gulf Coast team, will resume his duties as an Ori oles' batting practice pitcher and bullpen catcher.

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