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WMAR-2 news anchor Jamie Costello isn't big on shopping. "My wife does a lot of the shopping. She loves Wegmans. If we're within 20 miles, we're going to Wegmans." Raised in Rosedale, Costello, 47, now lives in Towson with his wife, Donna, and two kids, Lauren, 14, and Matthew, 11. Though he's no shopaholic, Costello does have fond memories of the retailers he grew up visiting on Howard Street. "We used to go to Stewart's, Hochschild, Epstein's. ... The red dot sale at Hecht's used to be the best deal in town."


A new furnace "Because ours is about shot. It keeps blowing out cold air."


New carpet "For the basement so that the kids have someplace to go. We had a leak in a water pipe recently, so we need to have it replaced."


Sony DVDirect VRD-MC3 (videotape converter) "I've got a closet full of VHS tapes and I've got to get them all to DVDs. But it takes so darn long that it's ridiculous."


Steel poles for the batting cage "We had a batting cage that kind of got picked up and tossed in that last storm we had. I thought it was going to go sailing into our neighbor's house. Now the poles are all mangled. We're all into baseball. My son plays and my daughter plays softball."


Cheap airfare to California "We want to retrace our honeymoon with the kids. We went to San Francisco and went on down to Monterey and Carmel, then took Route 1. We went to see Johnny Carson in L.A. and that night when we were out, we see all these lights ... and we ended up at the Dances with Wolves red-carpet premiere. We saw all the stars."

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