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Origins of a deficit

Maryland's structural deficit - a $1.4 billion shortfall - can be traced back to two decisions the state government made in the last several years: an income tax cut and a record education spending plan.

Firm's fairness was doubted

An Ehrlich administration loyalist questioned the legitimacy of a firm headed by GOP strategist Carol L. Hirschburg during a pre-bid session, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by The Sun.

Senate approves smoking ban

The Maryland Senate approved a statewide smoking ban in bars and restaurants - leaving negotiators to hash out differences with the House bill.

Water bill legislation pushed

Two-thirds of Baltimore's City Council has agreed to sponsor hastily resurrected legislation to prevent homeowners from losing their homes over unpaid water bills.

Bank robbery suspect arrested

A man who Baltimore police say might be responsible for committing half of the city's 20 bank robberies this year was arrested; the suspect is the brother of a top police commander.

Superblock moves forward

Baltimore officials and one of the city's biggest charities have reached an agreement that will enable the long-stalled redevelopment of downtown's west side, known as the superblock, to move forward.

Fire Department shake-up

The Baltimore Fire Department announced a shake-up in its midlevel management, saying overly cozy relationships have created a culture in which safety standards were not being adequately enforced.

Mids gone overboard

The Naval Academy has concluded that several midshipmen demonstrated poor behavior on a Caribbean cruise that brought complaints from people who say they witnessed the incidents.

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