Chris Sligh

The Baltimore Sun

Fatal Song Choice:

The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"

What Went Wrong:

Paula Abdul as a harbinger of doom? Throughout the season, strangely lucid Abdul has been warning Sligh about staying in time with the band. In weeks past, Sligh's shrewd choices managed to gloss over his lack of sync, but this week's song made his weakness all the more glaring.

Shining Moment:

He never got to make David Hasselhoff cry, as Taylor Hicks did last year, or even "bring chubby back." But he was quick on his feet with a comeback.

In Danger:

Haley Scarnato piled on the sweetness, but it turned out bland. And Phil Stacey's low-note shenanigans are finally catching up to him.

Tim Swift

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