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5 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Roadside bombs killed five U.S. soldiers in Iraq yesterday, including four in a single strike in a volatile province northeast of the capital, the military said. pg 8A

N. Ireland deadline nears

With a midnight deadline looming, the British government and Ian Paisley's hard-line Protestant party seemed to be inching toward a face-saving compromise to rescue Northern Ireland's peace process. pg 9A


Deficit points to two sources

Maryland's structural deficit - a roughly $1.4 billion shortfall between revenues and expenditures expected to persist for several years - can be traced back to two decisions the state government made in the last several years: an income tax cut and a record education spending plan. pg 1A

Firm's fairness was doubted

An Ehrlich administration loyalist questioned the legitimacy of a firm headed by GOP strategist Carol L. Hirschburg during a pre-bid session held before the firm's inclusion in a $110 million technology contract with the Maryland Department of Human Resources, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by The Sun. pg 1B

Court rules on sentencing

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., ruled that a Baltimore judge gave too much weight to a man's military record during sentencing. The panel ordered resentencing for the Army veteran convicted on child pornography charges. pg 1B


Gonzales' credibility questioned

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales' credibility is at stake in an investigation of the dismissals of several federal prosecutors amid disclosures that Gonzales knew more about the firings than he recently has acknowledged, a bipartisan pair of Senate Judiciary Committee members said yesterday. pg 3A

Drug helps heart patients

An experimental drug is the first to substantially and safely improve shortness of breath and other symptoms in people hospitalized with severe heart failure, an epidemic that is growing as baby boomers age, doctors reported yesterday. But many said they were disappointed that the drug did not help people live longer or stay out of the hospital. pg 3A


Story of 20th-century exodus

Sixty years ago, a converted Chesapeake Bay steamship left Baltimore to secretly transport European Jewish refugees to Palestine - but those aboard were forced to return to detention camps in Germany. Now the U.S. Holocaust Museum is trying to find passengers of the Exodus. pg 1C

A fashionable secret

In two corners of an unassuming little shopping center in Glen Burnie lie a marvel: 30 Years of Haute Couture, an exhibit of such fashion talents as Pierre Cardin, Coco Chanel, Adolfo, Yves Saint Laurent, Galanos, Trigere, Lanvin and Pucci. Even more surprising: The vintage pieces, property of the school's fashion department, are housed unassumingly at Baltimore City Community College. pg 1C


Florida, Georgetown advance

Florida defeated Oregon, 85-77, in the Midwest Regional final of the NCAA men's basketball tournament and Georgetown defeated North Carolina, 96-84, in overtime in the East Regional final. Florida will play UCLA and Georgetown will face Ohio State on Saturday in the Final Four in Atlanta. pg 1D

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