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Plane crash kills three

Three Joppa men were killed yesterday when a single-engine plane crashed in a wooded area near homes in Jacksonville, Baltimore County. No one on the ground was injured and the cause of the crash is under investigation, officials said. pg 1b

Bentley closes her store

Dwindling sales forced former Rep. Helen Delich Bentley to close her Cockeysville antiques shop today after nearly 40 years in business. pg 1b


New U.N. sanctions on Iran

The U.N. Security Council unanimously voted yesterday to impose new sanctions against Iran for its refusal to stop enriching uranium. The sanctions include banning Iranian arms exports and freezing assets. pg 14a

Challenges facing EU, at 50

Founded by six Western European capitals after World War II, the European Union celebrates its 50th birthday today with 27 member states and a population of nearly 500 million. The organization has enjoyed great successes, but it faces serious challenges as it enters its second half-century. pg 16a


Limits of the multitasked brain

In an era of talking on the phone while driving, new research is revealing the limitations faced by humans as they try to multitask. The problem: Our brains have trouble doing two things at once. pg 7a

Court to rule on Elvis lode

Tomorrow, a Wilmington, Del., judge will begin hearing a dispute over a multimillion-dollar collection of strange - sometimes bizarre - Elvis Presley memorabilia once owned by the doctor who treated the superstar. pg 10a


Homes lost over small debts

Homeowners who owe just a few hundred dollars in municipal debts - including water bills - often are hit with thousands of dollars in fees from private debt collectors and can lose their homes if they don't pay up. At least 400 city homes have been lost over such debts in the past three years. pg 1a

MHIP's membership jumps

While politicians talk about ways to cover more of the uninsured, the Maryland Health Insurance Plan, which enrolls mostly sick people and those who are turned down by private insurers, is actually doing it. Membership has jumped 40 percent in the past year to over 10,000. pg 1c


UCLA, Ohio State advance

Arron Afflalo scored 24 points as UCLA held off Kansas for a 68-55 victory and a trip to the NCAA men's basketball tournament Final Four. Also, Greg Oden carried Ohio State past Memphis, 92-76, and into the Final Four. pg 1d


The one that we want

Who will win leads in the Broadway production of Grease? An average of 7.5 million viewers have been tuning in each week to watch NBC's reality TV show casting the roles, which concludes tonight. pg 1e

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