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5 Things I Have To Have Now

The Baltimore Sun

There are two pretty significant dates on Maryland women's basketball coach Brenda Frese's calendar. One of them is April 3, the night of the NCAA women's championship game in Cleveland. The other big date is May 4, the day Spider-Man 3 opens for wide release. "I'm a huge Spider-Man fan. I will be there at midnight," says Frese, whose love of films was probably bolstered by her 2005 marriage to videographer Mark Thomas, a University of Maryland alum. The couple live just outside Columbia.

1. Starbucks coffee "I can't get started without ... a Venti skim-no-whip mocha. ... and it's got to be before noon, otherwise it keeps me up."

2. Massage "I like the Swedish massages, generally for 60 to 90 minutes. I actually switch between three places, but my main place is Farashe the Day Spa (near the Mall in Columbia)."

3. Breakfast plate at Eggspectations "With my husband ... [it's] the best breakfast in town in Ellicott City. We always get the "Eggsuberant," but we tailor it. It's eggs, pancakes, potatoes and we get strawberries and blueberries."

4. Cell phone accessories "I've had some kinks with my Bluetooth. I just got a new phone, the new Treo 700P. We had these Blackberries, but we were going through those every two to three months." 5. Movie tickets "We have a home theater which, during the season, we put ourselves into. During the off season, we go out more to the theater. ... My favorite movie ... is The Notebook. What can I say ... I'm a romantic sap."

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