Elite 8 is most irksome

The Baltimore Sun

She thinks he has funny hair. He thinks she's fat. She called him a "snake oil salesman." He called her a "loser." They've been badmouthing each other on the airwaves since December with the kind of bullying bluster most of us outgrow in junior high school.

We can't make it stop, but we can decide who's more annoying.

Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump are going head to head in the current round of March Madness: Celebrity Version, our NCAA-style tournament devised to determine, through your online votes, the celebrity of whom we are most weary.

With Rosie's victory over Dr. Phil, and Trump topping brassy TV host Nancy Grace, the real-life feuders are now vying for the title in the "Can't Seem to Shut Up Division," with the winner getting a ticket to the final four.

Nearly 7,000 online votes were cast in the previous round, which narrowed the original field of 64 to eight. Paris Hilton (who walloped Ryan Seacrest) and Michael Jackson (who trounced Simon Cowell) received the most votes.

Hilton now faces Britney Spears, who was deemed more annoying than the late Anna Nicole Smith by more than a 2-to-1 margin, for the "Not Them Again! Division" championship.

Jackson goes up against Cruise for the "Way, Way Overexposed Division" title. In the "Talking Head Division," the Rev. Jesse Jackson faces the Rev. Al Sharpton. Reverend Jackson beat Newt Gingrich to get to the Elite 8, while Sharpton, thanks to a last-minute surge of votes, eked out a narrow victory over conservative pundit Ann Coulter.

In the current round of voting, O'Donnell was building a sizable lead over Trump. The real-life trash-talking between the two began after Trump announced that he wouldn't revoke Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner's crown for underage drinking and drug use. O'Donnell, speaking on the The View, called him arrogant and launched into a Trump impersonation, flipping her hair to one side in an imitation of his comb-over.


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