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'Last Mimzy' doesn't hop into story quick enough

The Baltimore Sun

A Mimzy is a stuffed rabbit - that much is clear. But what else is one to make of The Last Mimzy, an uncomfortable combination of sci-fi, eco-consciousness and post-Sept. 11 paranoia that is aimed squarely at the preteen set? Here's guessing that most preteens, asked to sit through this awkward melange, will lose interest within the first 30 minutes - and they may last 30 minutes longer than the rest of us.

The Last Mimzy, based on a Henry Kuttner-C.L. Moore short story named for a Lewis Carroll line, starts off with a teacher in a bucolic field, telling her young pupils a story. Once upon a time, it seems, the world was in terrible danger ...

The Last Mimzy (New Line Cinema) Starring Timothy Hutton, Joely Richardson, Chris O'Neil, Rhiannon Leigh Wryn. Directed by Robert Shaye. Rated PG. Time 94 minutes.

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