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Not unlike Sammy Sosa's career, we're officially back. In the blogosphere. On your computer screen. High atop your list of Things That Make You Wish You Had Those Five Minutes Back. For Maese Blog 2.0 let's start with some FAQs.

1. Um, like, where did you go? That's a dumb question. Let's focus on the fact that the blog is back. And I'd appreciate it if you only listened to 1990s West Coast rap while perusing the blog.

2. But why are you back? The world needs another blog as much as Tom Brady needs another phone call from an ex- that begins, "Um, Tom, you remember when we hung out a couple of weeks ago and things got sort of crazy..." Good question. I realize most of you have become rather skilled at ignoring my columns in The Sun and I thought this second platform would be a good counterattack.

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