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Palestinian, EU envoy meet

A top European Union envoy met with a senior member of the new Palestinian government, joining the U.S. in ending a year of ostracism and leaving Israel increasingly isolated in its demand for a boycott of the Hamas-Fatah coalition. pg 10a

Violence erupts in Somalia

In some of the bloodiest fighting in months, at least 20 people were killed yesterday in Mogadishu, Somalia. The dead included seven government soldiers, some of whose bodies were dragged through the streets and set on fire, witnesses said. pg 11a


Bromwell still on bank's board

Almost 18 months after indictment on federal influence-peddling charges, former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell continues to serve on the board of directors of First Mariner Bancorp. Edwin F. Hale Sr., CEO and board chairman, declined to answer a reporter's questions about Bromwell's tenure. pg 1a

Mayor offers city spending plan

Mayor Sheila Dixon's proposed 2008 fiscal year budget would collect about $1.3 billion in taxes, including property tax, local income tax and recordation fees - about 6.6 percent higher than the current fiscal year. About $346.3 million would go to police and $208.1 million to schools. pg 1b


Dorsey powers Memphis

Douglass High alum Joey Dorsey leads No. 2 seed Memphis into the NCAA tournament's Sweet 16 round, which tips off tonight with regional semifinals in the South and West. pg 1e



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S&P; -- UP

+ 24.10



+ 0.34


Game industry wants boomers

A movement in the electronic game industry targets the boomer generation and its elders, columnist Mike Himowitz says. pg 1d


Gore comes home to Capitol

The doors swung open, and he made his entrance as cameras clicked. The man who was called a wooden politician, was denied the presidency and was derided as "Ozone Man" was coming home to the Capitol. But this time they called Al Gore a movie star and likened him to a prophet. pg 3a

Report criticizes State, Defense

Congress should force the State Department and the Defense Departments to cooperate in planning and overseeing wartime reconstruction efforts to prevent the kinds of problems that fouled rebuilding efforts in Iraq, according a new investigative report being issued today. pg 5a


NPR host moves into television

Ira Glass, host of This American Life, uprooted his innovative, popular public radio show early last year and moved the whole shebang - staff members, their families and pets - from Chicago to New York to film a television series. pg 1c

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