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Give award-winning writer Laura Lippman a day to shop and there's no mystery where she would go. "I'm a longtime C-Mart person. The rug in my living room was an amazing C-Mart find," says Lippman, 48, a former Sun reporter. Most of the time, she prefers to shop within walking distance of her South Baltimore neighborhood. "I will walk down to the Gallery and as far as Inner Harbor East," she says. But right now, Lippman has little time to shop as she prepares to launch her new novel, What the Dead Know. "What's really awful is that there's all sorts of shopping that I should be getting done," the crime fiction writer confesses. She knows that we would never tell.


Folk art of James Brown "I'm looking for that next great piece of folk art. ... My last piece was a wonderful tribute to Johnny Cash that I found in downtown St. Petersburg, Fla."


DeLonghi deep fryer "One that uses half as much fat as regular deep fryers. Because there's a recipe that I'm dying to make. ... Deep-fried sweet potatoes served with salt and lime. In some ways, the deep fryer I'd most like to find is the kind of electric fryer that plugged into the wall that my mother had. My dad used to make the best matchstick potatoes in it."


A really great knapsack "I've been using the same one for 10 years. It's leather; it came from the Gap; it's falling apart, and I haven't found its equivalent anywhere."


Vintage coin bank "I love banks ... especially with a Baltimore connection. I like to have them all over the house wherever you empty your pockets. ... My fantasy bank would be a reproduction of the Bromo Seltzer tower when it still had the bottle on top. I don't know if it exists."


A pair of jeans "At this point I don't have a single pair that doesn't have a patch. When I first started writing at home, there were days when I didn't get out of my pajamas. But now I basically live in blue jeans and Under Armour."

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