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The Orioles picked Adam Loewen with the fourth overall selection in the 2002 draft. After starting the 2006 season at Double-A Bowie, the 22-year-old left-hander went 6-6 with a 5.37 ERA for the Orioles. He is a native of Surrey, British Columbia.

How much have things changed for you since last spring? -- It's been a lot more comfortable for me. There are a lot of new faces, but I feel like everyone knows that we have a chance this year. So, it's a lot more fun.

What is it like working with pitching coach Leo Mazzone? -- I've had a lot of fun working with him. I think our relationship gets better every day. We're just a lot more comfortable with each other, and I think that goes for all the starters. We've really gotten to know him a lot better. Last year, he was a little more uptight at this time of the year, and that was understood because he didn't know what to expect and he didn't know any of us. This year, I could see a change in how he approaches us.

What does the public not know about your teammate and countryman Erik Bedard? -- In the offseason, he throws in his uncle's chicken coop with his brother, who can barely catch. Do people know that? One of the things is that he turns into Nick [Markakis] and asks a lot of questions. You see the hyper side of him. When he's off the field, his personality kind of takes a turn there. I never saw that side of him until the end of last year.

Who is the pitcher you grew up emulating? -- [The St. Louis Cardinals'] Mark Mulder. I kind of compare to him a little bit as tall left-handed pitchers. He's number 20. That was my number growing up. He was part of the Big Three [with Barry Zito and Tim Hudson]. I liked watching those guys pitch.

What is your favorite thing to do in Baltimore? -- I go to the ESPN [Zone] once in a while, wreak havoc on some of those basketball machines.

What are some of the things that you do off the field? -- We've been pretty much golfing every day, shaving strokes off every day. We golf, play video games, go go-carting.

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