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JEFF lost his life on March 8th when the taxi he was taking from the airport to his Moscow home lost control. Born in Baltimore, Maryland on January 6, 1941, his family moved to Westchester, NY in 1952. After graduating from The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., he began a twenty year career in the United States Army. In 1980 he joined the US Embassy as a Military AttachM-CM-). Jeff's retirement from the Army as a Lt. Colonel in 1983 coincided with the emergence of perestroika. Jeff returned to Moscow as a private citizen and for the rest of his career acted as a consultant to American and Canadian companies entering the Russian market and Russian firms eager for U.S. sales. This doesn't begin to describe the depth and breadth of Jeff's curiosity and enthusiasms. His family is comforted by his telling us there was nothing in his life he wanted to experience left undone. He is survived by his family; his mother, Mickey, brother Andy, his sons Marc and Brian, their mother, Fran, their grandchildren Katya and Evan and his second wife, Maureen. Jeff's partner in life, Marina Barkoskya, survived the car accident that claimed his life. Jeff's ashes will be divided; half in a military cemetary in the U.S., and the rest to be buried in the Russian soil his grandparents left a hundred years ago. A celebration of his life is being planned for this spring. It is hoped his many friends will visit and leave word and contact information at www.jeffbarrie.com. ------

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