Wishful thinking

The Baltimore Sun

An incendiary Viagra joke ignites the middle of the new Chris Rock comedy, I Think I Love My Wife, and burns the rest of the movie to a crisp. It highlights Rock at his scorching best, bringing right out into the open what we all think when we listen to TV commercials list the side effects of drugs for erectile dysfunction.

The problem is, Rock plays a thirtysomething man who doesn't really need Viagra and spends most of the movie complaining that his wife no longer wants to make love. He accepts the famous blue pill on the advice of his best office friend (Steve Buscemi), a cheerful philanderer who keeps a stash in his glove compartment next to his Altoids.

I Think I Love My Wife (Fox Searchlight) Starring Chris Rock, Kerry Washington, Gina Torres. Directed by Chris Rock. Rated R. Time 94 minutes.

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