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Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim (above) just completed his 1,000th broadcast interview since the NCAA field was unveiled, on ESPN's Cold Pizza. Two thoughts emerged from it: 1) No one will ever call Cold Pizza the sports ver sion of 60 Minutes. The network has done an amazing job of pro viding Boeheim a shoulder to cry on the past 16 hours or so, and this interview was probably the worst example. I walked away when the host tried to tie who was on the selection committee from the ACC, and not on from the Big East, with Virginia getting a high seed and the 'Cuse getting left out. Hey, if you're going to openly question a college athletic administrator's integrity, do it to him and not to the whining coach who just lost some recruiting lev erage.

This all happened, of course, after Boeheim campaigned for an expanded field, the last refuge of the tournament reject. A sugges tion: Beat Drexel in your own Dome next time and you won't have to worry about it. You know, win your way in.

Speaking of which, Drexel coach Bruiser Flint apparently isn't in the broadcast fraternity of coaches, because he hasn't gotten any air time that I've seen, and assuredly less than Boeheim has. And, you know, a far stronger case can be made for Florida State and Clem son, but apparently those coaches (Leonard Hamilton and Oliver Pur nell) aren't on anyone's speed dial, either. Or maybe they're all taking it like men. One of those two rea sons, I'm sure.

Oh, yeah. 2) Syracuse's high-vol ume griping about a snub that wasn't all that egregious makes the Orange the team Most Likely to Pull a Maryland in the National Invitation Tournament. Boeheim is flipping out over being left out even more than Gary Williams did last year. Remember how "prepared" the Terps were for the NIT opener? Bad early sign: The Orange plays tomorrow against South Alabama (at home, where else?) and Boeheim referred to his team's opponent, on the air, as "South Florida."

Of course, that's what I get for watching Cold Pizza.

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