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NAACP president to step down

NAACP President and CEO Bruce S. Gordon says he is resigning, less than three years after taking over the helm. General Counsel Dennis C. Hayes will lead the organization in the interim.

Ground rent bills challenged

Ground rent owners and some legal scholars contend that a number of proposals to change the ground rent system are unconstitutional. They have focused their criticism on measures that disenfranchise ground rent owners.

Student's death ruled homicide

On the same day the state medical examiner ruled that the death of a student at the Bowling Brook Preparatory School was a homicide, the FBI said it has begun an independent investigation into the incident.

Third county OKs Verizon TV

Baltimore County Council has approved a deal with Verizon Communications, becoming the third county in the area to set up competition between Verizon and Comcast.

City surplus losing steam

The softer real estate market might be catching up with Baltimore, as the city's surplus, which has allowed the city to spend millions on school construction and children's programs, is expected to decline.

City to raise water, sewer rates

Baltimore officials announced plans to increase sewer and water rates by 9 percent annually for each of the next three years, as they seek to pay for repairs to the region's aging sewer system.

Sports museums get city aid

The Board of Estimates agreed to convert $125,000 intended for renovations to the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum into an operating grant -- helping the foundation that runs the museum and Sports Legends at Camden Yards cope with a projected $600,000 operating deficit.

Expert kills self after disclosure

A high-ranking police ballistics expert who testified in courts throughout Maryland and neighboring states killed himself after being confronted with evidence that he had lied about his credentials -- a revelation that could force new trials for some of the people he helped convict.

Md. man linked to German case

More than 20 years after a nursing apprentice at a U.S. Army base in Germany was raped and killed, DNA evidence led to the arrest of a suspect in the Baltimore area.

Changes at Fire Department

The Baltimore Fire Department made sweeping changes in its academy and safety office, shifting 14 firefighters from the field to the academy and replacing three senior instructors who have retired since the fire Feb. 9 that killed trainee Racheal M. Wilson and violated many national safety guidelines.

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