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LAST WEEK'S ISSUE: -- A rookie Anne Arundel County police officer accused of photographing himself fondling a teenage girl during a traffic stop is being allowed to return to administrative duty.

Officer Joseph F. Mosmiller, 22, who joined the department in May, has been charged with a fourth-degree sex offense, second-degree assault and two other misdemeanors.

Three other officers were implicated in the Jan. 20 incident in a church parking lot on Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena. All three are members of Mosmiller's recruiting class who work with him on the midnight shift in the Eastern District. They have not been charged, and a police spokesman has declined to say how they are involved in the case.

Like Mosmiller, they have also been put on desk assignments, which means they will have no interaction with the public.

Should Mosmiller be allowed to continue working in the Police Department pending the outcome of the criminal and internal investigations?

Officer is innocent until proven guilty

He might be a sleazeball, but like everyone else he is innocent until proven guilty. If desk duty is the way these types of occurrences are normally handled by the police department, then I don't have a problem with it and neither should anyone else. He is not out on the street making other arrests.

The sad thing is if he is guilty, it's yet another example of why people are distrustful of police and lose faith in the system.

Pam Keeler Pasadena

Department took correct action

[The officer] has been taken off of patrol duty and put on desk duty, where he is allowed to keep his paycheck and job. He has no contact with the public though, for now.

He could have done what has been said, but the Anne Arundel County Police Department is allowing him the right to be innocent until being proven guilty.

The police department's actions with respect to this officer's job assignment were correct.

Victor Henderson Glen Burnie

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