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Terry Tiffee was drafted in the 26th round of the 1999 first-year player draft by Minnesota and played parts of three seasons with the Twins before the Orioles signed him as a minor league free agent in November. Tiffee, who hit .244 last season with two home runs and six RBIs, plays first and third base. He is competing for a bench spot with the Orioles this spring.

What do you think your chances are of making the Orioles' Opening Day roster? -- I don't know. It seems like there is one spot and a lot of guys competing for that spot. I have no idea. It depends on what the manager wants to do. My mind-set is just to play like I am going to be one of those guys competing. I think I am, at least. So I am just going to play hard every day and try to impress. If I don't make the team out of the gate, hopefully I will later in the summer.

How hard was it to not be on the Twins' playoff roster and watch the club lose in the American League Division Series to the Oakland Athletics? -- Yeah, it was tough. But I was rooting them on. A lot of those guys were young players I played with in the minors. They are great players and good guys. I was cheering them on, no doubt about it.

Who would you have voted for American League Most Valuable Player, Twins catcher Joe Mauer or Twins first baseman and eventual winner Justin Morneau? -- Man, I'd have to go with Morneau. His all-around numbers were ridiculous. Those were MVP numbers. Mauer, that guy, he is phenomenal, period. He's one of the best catchers I've ever seen.

When you signed here, was there an Oriole you were most looking forward to meeting? -- [Miguel] Tejada and [Melvin] Mora. Being a third baseman, I've watched Mora take some hits from me on unbelievable plays. I was looking forward to just watching him and Tejada - he's an MVP player - how they take things on a day-to-day basis.

You were born in and still live in Little Rock, Ark. Have you ever been to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum? -- I haven't been there yet. I've been wanting to go, but I haven't had the time. I am not a huge politics guy, but I supported him when he was in office. I think the country did well. But I don't not support President Bush.

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