Sun Digest


British troop withdrawal likely


British Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to announce the country's first major troop pullout from Iraq, with 1,500 troops likely to return home with in the next few months, British news agencies reported yesterday. pg 1a

Pakistan, India continuing talks


Pakistan's top envoy arrived in India's capital to nudge along a fitful peace process in the aftermath of a deadly firebombing aboard a train connecting the rival nations. pg 11a


Union criticizes training fire

Recruits at a training fire where a Baltimore cadet died were not told how many fires would be lit and were not familiar with the layout of the building - both in violation of national standards, union officials said yesterday. pg 1a

Early-voting measure approved

A constitutional amendment to allow early voting in Maryland has passed both houses of the General Assembly, making it likely that voters will decide the issue in the 2008 election. pg 1b


Franklin gets rider's license


The Maryland Racing Commission restored the exercise rider license of jockey Ron Franklin, who rode Spectacular Bid to victories in the 1979 Kentucky Derby and Preakness before drug use ruined his career. The panel told him that if he meets specific requirements in the next six months, it will entertain an application to restore his jockey's license. pg 1e


+DOW+ 19.07





+S&P;+ 4.14


+SUN INDEX+ 3.58


Selling Sparrows Point plant

The U.S. Justice Department wants Mittal Steel Co. to sell its Sparrows Point plant within 90 days to make sure the company doesn't have too much control over the market for tin plate used to make cans for food and other products. pg 1a


Arundel proposes rental-car tax

The Anne Arundel County executive is proposing a new tax on cars rented in the county - including at BWI Marshall Airport - that he says would raise "several million dollars" a year to counterbalance the county's gloomy budget outlook. pg 1d


A White House win on claims

In a victory for the White House, a U.S. appeals court threw out the legal claims brought on behalf of the hundreds of prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay and ruled they do not have a right to plead their innocence in an American court. pg 3a

Merck suspends lobbying


Bowing to pressure from parents and medical groups, Merck & Co. is suspending lobbying of legislatures to persuade them to require that young girls get its new vaccine against cervical cancer. pg 4a


Local boy's view of his world

A 7-year-old Baltimore boy's view of his world will be featured on My Life as a Child, a series premiering Monday night on the Learning Channel. pg 1c

Dancers explore theme of race

Dancers step into the emotionally fraught theme of race in a performance this weekend at the Baltimore Museum of Art. pg 1c