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Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- The Orioles thought they had acquired outfielder Adam Stern from the Boston Red Sox as the player to be named in the Javy Lopez trade last year. But Stern first had to pass through waivers, and another team - reportedly the Tampa Bay Devil Rays - put in a claim. The Red Sox pulled back Stern, a Rule 5 pick in 2005, and held onto him until after the season, when the Orioles finally got him for cash considerations.

Was it strange for you to wait so long to join the Orioles? -- It was kind of weird because I knew I was traded, and I was actually in Triple-A at the time. I was sitting down there and I knew I was already pretty much property of the Orioles. It was a formality that I had to go over there at the end of the season. It was weird playing somewhere when you're not in the organization anymore. I just kind of sat there and hung out.

What is your best Kevin Millar story? -- He doesn't ever stop. The best story was in Boston. We're taking BP on the field and he comes out wearing a Tom Brady uniform, with the helmet, pants, jersey, and starts taking BP with a bandanna that says 'Theo' across the front for [general manager] Theo Epstein. We don't know how he got away with it or how he did it, but it gave the guys a good laugh in the clubhouse for a long time.

Are you really only the second Jewish Canadian player in major league history? -- It's my dad's half that's Jewish, but in that religion, they only see you as full Jewish if it's your mother. My name's a dead giveaway. But if you go by that, I haven't kept up the track record. Everybody assumes it, though. [Goody Rosen, who played in the 1930s and '40s, was the majors' first Jewish Canadian player.]

What's the difference between ham and Canadian bacon? -- Canadian bacon is a little tougher. It's really back bacon. You guys in America call it Canadian bacon. It's kind of offensive. ... It's actually delicious.

Are you bonding with the other Canadians here: Erik Bedard, Adam Loewen and Steve Green? -- Actually, we've got a date for a hockey game coming up. The four of us are going to check out the Penguins tomorrow night. We all like to go watch it, and down here it feels kind of weird going to a hockey game. But it's cool. A lot of these guys hang out. I worked out with Loewen in the offseason. You don't see four Canadians on a team, so it's fun.

What will you do with your sociology degree from Nebraska? -- I don't really know what that's for. It started off as a business degree, but when you miss enough classes, you go to sociology or communications. ... I walked in there with hopes of getting a business degree and left as a third-year junior with a partial sociology. We'll see whatever happens with that.

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