THE ISSUE: -- The former Baltimore health commissioner, Dr. Peter L. Beilenson, has been chosen to be county health officer, in part, said County Executive Ken Ulman, to upgrade health services. Ulman said he found no fault with Dr. Penny Borenstein, who held the job since late 2001, but the opportunity to hire someone of Beilenson's "character and caliber" was too great to pass by. How do you feel about Ulman's decision?

Appointment is applauded


County Executive Ken Ulman has been charged by the citizens of Howard County to bring us the best county government possible. His decision to appoint Dr. Peter Beilenson as Howard County health officer is to be applauded.

Dr. Beilenson has an outstanding record of confronting and solving major health issues. His proven ability can lead to positive innovation in public health for Howard County citizens.


Bob Sheff, M.D. Harper's Choice

Dr. Beilenson's consolation prize

What a superb consolation prize for losing the senatorial race!

[County Executive Ken] Ulman is sacrificing an excellent and proven health officer in Dr. Penny Borenstein for party politics.

It is obvious that Ulman has no idea what the Health Department does for Howard County, or how demanding and time-consuming the role of CEO is for such a diverse organization.

How long does he expect Dr. Beilenson to remain in Howard County before he is off to fulfill his high political ambition?

As [Health Department] CEO of one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, he has the means to make contacts to increase his political coffers.

I voted for Beilenson, but I object to his being health officer.


Judi Vaeth Owen Brown