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From the House debate on Iraq:

Last November, the American people were clear that they wanted a dramatic change in Iraq. The president's troop escalation plan is not what they were asking for.


- Hank Johnson, Georgia Democrat

After months of campaigning against "Stay the Course," the Democrats are proposing just that, a stay-the-course resolution. ... This nonbinding resolution is simply a mealy-mouth attempt to appease their Democrat leftist base.


- Patrick T. McHenry, N.C. Republican

Sending 21,000 troops into Baghdad only serves to put more American troops into harm's way. It will not bring long-term stability, it will not halt sectarian strife, it will do nothing to advance the day when American forces can come home.

- Rick Boucher, Virginia Democrat

I think the question we have to ask is, whose side are you on? ... Are you on the side of winning? Are you on the side of freedom? Or are you on the side of allowing the terrorists to get an upper hand?

- Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee Republican

After nearly four years at war, after more than 3,100 of our finest sons and daughters have given the ultimate measure of sacrifice in Iraq, after more than 25,000 have been wounded, after the expenditure of more than $400 billion on this war effort by the American taxpayer, our success seems as remote as ever.

- Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat

You cannot blame Americans for the Iraqis' failure to stop killing each other.


- Candice S. Miller, Michigan Republican

There are no good solutions to the quagmire in Iraq.

- Nita M. Lowey, New York Democrat

If our young men and women are brave enough to go into Iraq and Afghanistan, then we as members of Congress must be brave enough and informed to start a dialogue in Damascus, in Tehran, in the entire region, to hasten peace.

- Wayne T. Gilchrest, Maryland Republican